Who We Are

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Who We Are

Spirit of Enterprise

Incorporated in 2010, Chloros Solutions Pte Ltd (“CS”) is a boutique firm that provides a complete suite of solutions for Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD), energy consultancy and project implementation management services.


With a diversified team of professionals specializing in various aspects of green technology, CS offers end-to-end solutions to its clients, enabling energy improvements of between 20 – 60%, translating to direct cost savings and carbon dioxide offset.



CS operates actively in industrial, commercial, public, residential and education sectors. To date, the company has been involved in over 150 projects of varying sizes.


CS completed its Series A fundraising in 2014. The company was also awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Honouree in the same year.

Project Financing

We work with various financial institutions to establish Project Financing options for our clients. This offers the client a variety of payment options, which includes Hire Purchase and Vendor Financing.


Our strong focus to deliver optimal Return-On-Investment (ROI) value to the client means that we typically finance projects in ways such that the tangible monetary savings that the client achieves as a result of our proposed green retrofits will outweigh the monthly payments to the vendor.

Audit Experience

We offer in-house project financing, speak to us for more information.